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Hello all!

After a few more playtests, I have made some changes to the game. Nothing really major, but several tweaks. I plan on playtesting this version a few more times and then will finalize this release. 

Here is a laundry list of the changes:

  • Connect only applies to Gates between Districts. Within a District Goons can move freely.
  • Put all the actions under one header, no separate map and faction move phases. Each player takes two actions on their turn. 
  • Clarified that the Fabulist must take notes at the Awarding the Calvaria stage to help players remember each description. 
  • Updated cheat sheet to reflect changes. 
  • Minor layout changes.
  • I changed how Fabulist selection ties are broken. Now, each time you win an opposed roll you mark a dot on your Faction. The player with the most dots wins ties in Fabulist voting, clearing the dots afterwards. This change adds a bit more mechanical incentive to win rolls and slightly reduces the "popularity contest" factor in Fabulist selection.
  • Added a Guidance section with some ideas about spotlighting and tone.
  • Clarified language for some sections (Add Gates; Revise an Asset, Goon, or Landmark; Create a Faction).
  • Fixed the Events table by removing one result (it had one too many) and changing Destroy a District to Destroy Something. Changed one action attribute.
  • I removed Sow because reviewers pointed out it was too close to Plot. I replaced it with Pay, an abstraction of the Faction's monetary and economic power.
  •  I clarified tiebreaks for Claiming the Calvaria (attribute checks first, Faction dots second). 
  •  Added the requirement to describe Goon movement (Move a Goon) to match other actions.


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Oct 10, 2020

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