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In the filthy backwaters of the Milky Way, gunslingers duel for fortune and fame. 

Every one of them is daring, dangerous, and...


Dastardly is a fast-paced and chaotic local multiplayer arena combat game for 1 to 4 players. Travel across the Milky Way to face down other bandits. Jump, dash, and shoot your way to victory, making use of an array of powerups like shields, cloaks, and jetpacks. Inspired by classic couch multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. and more recent hits like Towerfall: Ascension and Samurai GunnDastardly has a focus on tight controls and fast matches. Load it up and shoot your friends from the comfort of your own home.


  • Local multiplayer for 2-4 players
    • Control over length and powerups for a variety of game modes
  • 1-player time trial mode
  • 8 levels on 2 different planets (more coming soon)
  • Powerups:
    • Shield
    • Boots
    • Cloak
    • Jetpack
    • Missile Launcher

Dastardly © 2022 Mors Immortalis Games and Sam Walker

mors-immortalis.itch.io / mors-immortalis.ca


Used with permission:

Characters and tilesets by penusbmic.itch.io

Gamepad UI by greatdocbrown.itch.io

Confetti shader © Eliott Veyrier

Desert tileset by wrlck.itch.io

Planets by deep-fold.itch.io

Fonts by managore.itch.io

Hats by gisha.itch.io

Music by SawSquareNoise / Rolemusic (CC BY 3.0) and OkamiDeluxe


Listen here, pardner. I'm new around these here parts. As a humble part-time cowpoke hired on for the summer, I am ready and willin' to listen to your pointers. I know you ain't a greenhorn and can learn me real good. But I'm taking a starship off this dustbowl once the season changes. So don't get too attached, now, alrighty?

Translation: I don't have much game dev experience. Please leave a comment below or submit your feedback here,  as I am eager to hear it and improve. But Dastardly is sold as-is. I definitely can't guarantee technical support or ongoing development for this game. It's strictly a part-time hobby.


  • Steam keys available
  • A gamepad is strongly recommended. Tested with Steam and Stadia gamepads. Any controller recognized by Godot/SDL_GameControllerDB should work, but please comment below or submit a bug if you have any problems. 
  • For those who have to play with a keyboard, here are the controls:
    • Arrow keys / WASD = Move and Aim
    • Space = Jump
    • Hold Shift = Draw
    • Release Shift = Shoot
    • Ctrl = Dash
    • Enter = Confirm
  • Gamepad controls:
    • Left stick or D-Pad = Move and Aim
    • A = Jump
    • LB/RB = Dash or Holster (cancel aim)
    • Hold B = Draw
    • Release B = Shoot
    • Start = Confirm
  • Advanced twin-stick controls:
    • Left stick = Move
    • LT = Jump
    • Hold RT = Draw
    • Release RT = Shoot
    • LB/RB = Dash
    • Start = Confirm


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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